Cargo has end point and service is endless

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Floor Distribution Business

公司简介 I. Company profile

Shanghai Pubei Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 with a registered capital of 10 million. It is located at No. 9 Yonghang Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, 4Km from G60 Dagang Exit, 5KM from G1501 Litahui Exit, and 3KM from S32 Songwei North Road Exit, with convenient transportation and excellent location.

At the beginning of its establishment, Pubei was mainly engaged in third-party transportation. The reason why the business focus shifted from three parties to dedicated line transportation was because the operating quality of the dedicated line supplier, that is, the end delivery, failed to meet Party A's requirements. The first round trip from Shanghai to Wenzhou will begin. By 2019, 13 transport lines from Shanghai to the whole of Zhejiang will be gradually opened. From the perspective of third-party logistics and service requirements, we will carry out transportation. We are committed to the goal of "cargos have end points and services are endless" Quality, good reputation won in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, and a large number of loyal customer groups.

业务介绍 Business Introduction


Before 2019, Shanghai's floor distribution business only served internal lines, combined with the company's overall planning, strengthened and refined Shanghai city distribution, upgraded the shunting department, and operated independently. It is a professional distribution company integrating warehousing, e-commerce delivery, foreign trade delivery, urban stores, and supermarket distribution.

突出优势 Third, highlight the advantages

线路优势 1. Line advantage

Starting from Songjiang Transshipment Center, the delivery radius is 90Km, there are 17 routes in Shanghai, 2 in Jiaxing, and 3 in Suzhou. Each route has 2-4 shifts, and the frequency of Pudong Waigaoqiao and Luchao Port is as high as 6-8 shifts.

辐射广 2.Wide radiation

Based on the advantages of the route from Shanghai to Zhejiang, 95% of Zhejiang's regional delivery time can be 2D18.

专业外贸交仓 3. Professional foreign trade delivery

空运交仓:当日晨 8点到达转运中心,12点前完成交仓 A. Delivery by air: arrive at the transfer center at 8 am on the same day , and complete the delivery by 12 am

海运交仓:不间断发车,不会向客户收取排队小费(高峰期会有应对方案) B. Shipping by sea: non-stop departure, no queuing tip will be charged to customers (there will be a response plan during peak periods)

保税区交仓:延时按运费双倍赔偿 C. Free delivery in the bonded area: double compensation for delayed shipping charges

杜绝串货至国外:驾驶员有专业培训,懂唛头,熟悉流程,多层把关 D. Eliminate consignment abroad: the driver has professional training, understands gimmicks, is familiar with the process, and has multiple layers of checks

可视性强: 4. Strong visibility:


Based on the Blue Bridge system + GPS positioning of the vehicle, you can query the cargo location and delivery status in real time. After the delivery is completed, the electronic photo will be pushed back via the WeChat public account.


场地实景 Fourth, the real scene

硬件介绍 Five, hardware introduction

仓库面积 4200㎡,操作场地13亩 1. The warehouse area is 4200㎡, and the operation site is 13 mu.

叉车 8台,牌照手续齐全 2. 8 forklifts with complete license procedures

配送主力车型 3.Main model of delivery

No. Models (Taiwan) 1 City-brand van (JAC Xinrui) 5 2 Shanghai BH license 4.2 box car 10 3 Shanghai brand 4.2 box car 12 vans 46 meters 219 electric double-wing vans 57 meters 735 electric double-flying Wing box car 69 meters, more than 620 electric double flying wing box cars

签收单管理 Six, the receipt management

“签收单完整!” 是我们内部的基本要求,我们一贯坚持在末端解决能解决所有问题 1. "The receipt is complete!" Is our basic internal requirement. We always insist that solving at the end can solve all problems.

如果没有回单要求的,统一用我司单据,打收条,每单必有纸质签收记录。 2. If there is no requirement for returning the order, use our documents and collect the receipts uniformly, and each order must have a paper receipt record.

签单返回时效,每周一顺丰邮寄,并更新系统记录。 3. The time limit for signing returns is mailed by SF every Monday and the system records are updated.

货损货差异常处理原则 Seven, the principle of handling cargo damage and cargo anomalies

依据倒推原则,自下而上,哪个环节出的哪个环节负责。 1. According to the principle of backward push, from the bottom up, which link is responsible for which link.

破损的货物,会尽最大努力修复后再行派送。 2. The damaged goods will be repaired as best as possible before delivery.

干线车辆卸货时,如有异常我们会拍照报备,如果没有报备,损失有我司承担。 3. When the mainline vehicle is unloaded, we will take pictures and report if there is any abnormality. If there is no report, our company will bear the loss.

客户服务 Customer service

配置专职客服一名,为您提供 6*12小时的人工查询、客户沟通、异常解决等服务 1. Configure a full-time customer service to provide you with 6 * 12 hours of manual inquiry, customer communication, exception resolution and other services

如您有项目需要,可以为您提供系统操作,电子回单上传、跟踪表传送服务。 2. If you have project needs, we can provide you with system operations, electronic receipt uploading, and tracking form transmission services.

为您统一收集纸质单据、到付款,并定期核对费用账目。 3. Collect paper documents, cash on delivery for you, and check the expense account regularly.

结算服务 Nine, settlement services

Flexible settlement, can be settled by car, weekly, half-monthly, monthly.

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