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Acceptance criteria
I. Prohibition of collection and delivery: Collection of flammable, explosive, corrosive, toxic, radioactive and illegal items is prohibited.
2. Restricted acceptance:

、特别说明:发往安徽黄山、杭州市淳安县的木制品(家具、木材、木架、托等货物):应先征得黄山市林业有害生物防疫检验局(站)同意,办理《植物检疫要求书》后,经出发地林业有害生物防疫检验局(站)检疫合格,发给《植物检疫证书》,方可进入黄山市、绩溪县、淳安县; 1. Special instructions: Wooden products (furniture, timber, wooden frames, pallets, etc.) sent to Huangshan, Anhui, and Chun'an County, Hangzhou: The consent of Huangshan Forestry Pest Control Bureau (station) should be obtained first. After the "Plant Quarantine Request", after passing the quarantine inspection by the Forestry Pest Control Bureau (station) at the place of departure, a "Plant Quarantine Certificate" will be issued before entering Huangshan City, Jixi County and Chun'an County;

、电池及含电池类货物: 2. Batteries and goods containing batteries:

             ① It is strictly forbidden to send and receive all kinds of finished or semi-finished batteries with metal contacts and connecting lines such as lead storage batteries, fuel cells, liquid batteries, aldehyde acid batteries, etc .;

             ② Lithium battery collection and transportation requirements: Special cargo shipment reporting procedures must be followed in advance, and the reporting requirements must be met.

、摩托车、电动车为原厂包装(非原厂包装要打木架、木箱、铁架、铁箱包装均可)且不含电池,所有机器类货物(含电动车、摩托车)内部液体要清理干净方可收运,否则为违禁品; 3. Motorcycles and electric vehicles are packed in the original factory (non-original packaging can be packed with wooden frames, wooden boxes, iron frames, iron boxes) and do not include batteries, and all machinery goods (including electric vehicles and motorcycles) The internal liquid must be cleaned before being accepted for transportation, otherwise it is a contraband;

、一般液体类(无毒无害,不易燃易爆)货物需满足最小单位包装重量不超过30公斤(包含30公斤、包含最小单位重量包装重量) 4. General liquid (non-toxic and harmless, non-flammable and explosive) goods must meet the minimum unit packaging weight of not more than 30 kg (including 30 kg, including the minimum unit weight packaging weight)

、 禁止收运《危险化学品目录》《民用爆炸物品品名表》《易制爆危险化学品名录》《易制毒化学品的分类和品种目录》《中华人民共和国禁止进出境物品表》载明的物品和《人间传染的病原微生物名录》载明的第一、二类病原微生物等,以及法律、行政法规、国务院和国务院有关部门规定禁止寄递的其他物品。 5. Prohibition of acceptance of the Catalogue of Dangerous Chemicals, the List of Civil Explosives, the List of Explosive and Dangerous Chemicals, the Catalogue of Categories and Varieties of Precursor Chemicals, and the List of Prohibited Items The specified items and the first and second category of pathogenic microorganisms listed in the "List of Pathogenic Microorganisms Infected by Humans", as well as other items prohibited by law, administrative regulations, the State Council and relevant departments of the State Council.

Third, other instructions:

、发往香港的货物,除包含规定的所有违禁品外,禁止一切不明粉末,药品和流体类货物 1. Goods destined for Hong Kong, except for all prohibited goods, are prohibited. All unknown powder, medicine and fluid goods are prohibited.

、海运违禁品:海南全省禁运一切液体、流体、胶体、膏体等货物,大连部分线路禁运(青岛-大连、苏州-大连、潍坊-大连) 2. Prohibited goods by sea: Hainan Province bans all liquids, fluids, colloids, pastes and other goods, and some lines in Dalian are banned (Qingdao-Dalian, Suzhou-Dalian, Weifang-Dalian)

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