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Domestic prohibited items

禁寄物品指导目录 Ban guide catalog of mail items
Prohibited items refer to items prohibited by national laws and regulations, and mainly include:
1. Various weapons and ammunition. Such as firearms, bullets, artillery shells, grenades, mines, bombs, etc.
2. All kinds of explosive items. Such as detonators, explosives, firecrackers, etc.
3, all kinds of flammable items, including liquids, gases and solids. Such as gasoline, kerosene, tung oil, alcohol, lacquer, diesel, aerosol, gas lighter, gas cylinder, phosphorus, sulfuric acid, matches, etc.
4. Various corrosive items. Such as pyrosulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, organic solutions, pesticides, hydrogen peroxide, hazardous chemicals, etc.
5. Various radioactive elements and containers. Such as uranium, radium, etc.
6. All kinds of potent poisons. Such as osmium, cyanide, arsenic, etc.
7. Various anesthetic drugs. Such as opium (including poppy shell, flower, bud, leaf), morphine, macaine, heroin, cannabis, methamphetamine, ephedrine and other products, etc.
8. Various types of biochemical products and infectious materials. Such as anthrax, dangerous bacteria, medical waste, etc.
9. Various publications, publicity materials, printed materials, etc. that endanger national security and social and political stability, as well as obscenities
10. A variety of items that interfere with public health. Such as cadaver bones, animal organs, limbs, unskinned animal skins, non-medicated animal bones, etc.
11. National laws, regulations, and administrative regulations expressly prohibit the circulation, delivery, or entry of goods, such as state secret documents and materials, national currencies and counterfeit currencies and securities, simulated weapons, controlled knives, precious cultural relics, endangered wildlife And its products, cigarettes, etc.
12. Packaging is not correct. Items that may endanger personal safety, contaminate or damage other shipments, equipment, etc.
13. Items that are forbidden to be delivered by each shipping country (region), etc.
14. Other prohibited items

International prohibited items
、 鲜肉、水果、蔬菜等易腐烂的物品; 1. Perishable items such as fresh meat, fruits, and vegetables;
2. Items that are flammable, explosive, corrosive, toxic, strong acid, alkaline and radioactive, which can cause personal injury, death, or property damage during production, storage and transportation, such as matches, detonators, gunpowder, firecrackers, gasoline, Diesel oil, kerosene, alcohol (liquid and solid), sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, organic solvents, pesticides, lacquers, aerosols, gas lighters, gas cylinders, phosphorous, sulfur, and others included in the Chemical Industry Press Chemical products in the Practical Handbook of Dangerous Goods;
3. Powdery articles (regardless of the color), liquids (regardless of the packaging used), pastes (such as toothpaste, etc.), and goods with dangerous signs;
4. Audio and video products (including CD, VCD), knives, bricks, sand and stones, with gas lighter, etc. without certification from the National Audio and Video Publishing House;
5. Various industrial wastes that pollute the environment; those that impede public health, such as cadaver bones (including incinerated corpse bones), and unskinned animal skins;
6. Radio transceiver, communication security machine;
7. Tobacco, wine, sugar and mahogany;
8. Any medicine, precious medicinal materials, etc .;
9. LED (light emitting diode chip), IC (integrated circuit), diode, triode, circuit board, circuit board, drill bit, mechanical equipment and parts, electronic components and parts, electronic components and parts, mobile phones, watches , Cameras, medical equipment, power tools, chemical products, etc .;
10. Various biochemical products and infectious materials. Such as anthrax, dangerous bacteria, medical waste, etc.

Domestic and international prohibited items
、 各种武器、仿真武器(仿真玩具枪等)、弹药、火药、雷管及爆炸物品等; 1. Various weapons, simulation weapons (simulation toy guns, etc.), ammunition, gunpowder, detonators and explosives, etc .;
2. National currency (cash, etc.), foreign currencies, securities, counterfeit currencies and counterfeit securities;
3. Prints, films, photographs, records, films, audio tapes, video tapes, laser video disks, calculator storage media and other items harmful to Chinese politics, economy, culture and morals;
4. All kinds of potent poisons and infectious materials. Such as pesticide, tincture, cyanide, arsenic, tear gas, etc .;
5. Opium (including poppy shells, flowers, buds, leaves, etc.), morphine, heroin, cannabis, and other addictive drugs and psychotropic substances;
6. White powdery articles, white crystalline articles, liquid articles, etc .;
7. Animals, plants and their products with dangerous germs, pests and other harmful organisms;
8. Foods and other foods that are harmful to human and animal health, from epidemic areas, and can spread diseases;

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